By AlysEdwards | 5/17/2023

Natural light, clean lines and natural looking materials are what you need to incorporate a modern farmhouse style in a space. With styles like Retro and Bohemian around, it's easy to think modern is boring, but if done right, you can achieve a fun yet sleek atmosphere. One way to get this look is with strong horizontal lines, by stacking the 2" x 8" Abitare La Terra in Calcedonio you'll be able to create just the right amount of separation between the tiles that you need to make a subtle statement. If you're in need of something a little bolder, try mixing horizontal and vertical lines. Terra Dolce's 2" x 2" Mosaic in Grigio, because of its horizontal lines, is the perfect counterpart to Calcedonio. Plus, the Terra Dolce collection provides a durable natural stone look without the maintenance. Worried about lighting? Don't worry, we understand natural light will vary from space to space but using a white tile like Tongue in Chic's You Don't Snow Me will help you maximize all the light you do have.