Aug 14, 2014 - Posted by Elana Labendeira - Views: 6010 post title

In the spirit of the Discovery Channels Shark Week, AlysEdwards wants to show off her Shark Tooth Serge! This decorative mosaic belongs to our Cape Town collection and for good reason. Thankfully with the help of warning signs and shark nets, people can enjoy the Cape waters, but swim at your own risk! South Africa is known for so much more than just it's shark sightings. There are beautiful shapes and designs with hidden accents of muted color all throughout the country side and in the cities. Cape Town especially is filled with wonderful architectural inspiration, which is what influenced our designs in this collection. The gaping mouth on our Shark Tooth Serge may not be filled with rows of sharp teeth but it will still help you take a bite out of your next design!

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