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Get a Rokin' accent wall in a living space or shower by using the glossy "Dare to Be Emerald" tile from our newly released collection Rok Candy.  This hand pressed terra cotta tile has a 3-dimensional surface and a personality of its own, making it the center of attention wherever it's placed.  The best part about a new project is being able to customize it and tailor it to you, which is why Blendables "I'm Always Right" triangles are the perfect tile to work with as they give you the opportunity to play with patterns. Mix and Match colors like Fleece and Pantera, to give any space the edge everyone is always looking for! The only thing left to do is choose a layout concept, it's easy! We laid some concepts for these tiles to help with inspo below.
Like one more than the other? No biggie! Choose one and roll with it! The possibilities are endless with these which is why we love them so much. Bring your design together with woven baskets, and most importantly with some greenery. Plants in a space are known to relieve stress, boost creativity, productivity, and focus. Plants also happen to look ah-mazing next to the Dare to Be Emerald green and the muted tones of the I'm Always Right triangles.
Take in a refreshing new look and watch the plants grow!

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