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When most people think of beige they think of an old, out of date color. We’ve really been living in grey all the way the past decade, but beige is back in big ways. It has evolved into a modern neutral that can go warm or cool and fit a variety of design styles. The 2x8 Coalino wall tile in the Abitare La Terra is a great mixture of a warm color with cool undertones. Combine it with a bright white like You Don’t Snow Me to make the beige color go from the background to the forefront of your design. The soft tumbled edges of the Suave Due Lynx make for a great mud room or laundry room floor. The neutral color of the stone is the perfect background for the rich chocolaty veins, which also provide a unique visual interest. Don’t Be a Shell Out, from Tongue in Chic, is a flexible color that can work in many different settings. Try using the 5x5 offset in backsplash or, pair it with the other available sizes to design a fun pattern on a shower or feature wall. Whichever you choose, beige is back and with its modern makeover it is sure to be a great color selection for your next design.

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