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With vacations turning into staycations, homes are becoming a more important part of our everyday lives. When designing your in-home retreat consider pulling inspiration from your favorite sea side. Pairing a crisp white wall tile, like Noise, with a veined white stone, like Calacatta, allows for a bright clean space without the fear of looking sterile. The taupe and gold veins of Calacatta Oro bring in warm colors that help to balance out the starkness of the white. Opting for a wood grained cabinet not only ties back into the veining of the stone it also brings in sandy tones, maybe reminiscent of your favorite beach? Pull tones of sea glass with accent colors like the Oleastro wall tile from Abitare La Terra or the Honeycombs from Half Baked. Adding a patterned tile like the Iberian Aqua from the Crio collection or a dimensional tile like Teal the Timer Rings can also create visual interest! Are we there yet ?? Almost... round out your design with trinkets from your travels like sea glass beads. Lastly, don’t forget to light your favorite candle and sit back, relax, and drift away...

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