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Silver is said to draw out the negative energy and replace it with the positive. Walking into a room should make you feel the same way; refreshed and renewed. Silver has all the characteristics of gray, but with more fun! Using a porcelain tile that mimics natural stone, like Terra Dolce's Grigio, is a low maintenance and durable way to achieve a high end look. On the other hand, if you are looking for a natural stone, pattern play with I'm Always Right Triangle to create visual interest. Brighten things up by using a crisp white like the gloss or matte finish available in Tongue in Chic's You Don't Snow Me or the White Lie from the Noise collection. The linear movement of the 12 x 36 wall tile can elongate a ceiling and positively open a space. To avoid a sterile look warm up your space with complementing textiles and textures like the Volpe tumbled or the wood look plank of the Basic B. Accenting with silver  hardware will pull together a sleek design. Polished finishes will give you a modern vibe, while matte finishes will lean more transitional. So what's the silver lining? By using these tips it will help you design a more sophisticated play on gray. 

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