Dec 30, 2020 - Posted by Sydney - Views: 1581 post title

From discovering your personal design style to making the most out of every room, we hope 2021 inspires you to create and design something fabulous! Light up your space with metallic tiles like Apex’s Working 9-2-5, Tongue in Chic’s Totally in Zinc, or Wanderlust’s Mercury Rising in Pompeii. Their reflective surfaces bounce light, making your space appear larger. Steal the show this year with dimensional patterns like Half Baked’s Too Burnt to Bake Porcelain Bars or Origami’s Nero Matte Pattern 1. Nothing is more iconic than a timeless classic like Half Baked’s Honeycomb Mosaics. Still stumped on what to do next? Ring in the new year with Suave Due’s Tumbled Stone in Pecora Nera. Transform your space from bland to grand this New Year with AlysEdwards building blocks.

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