Oct 30, 2020 - Posted by Sydney - Views: 2813 post title

We’ve said it before, warm tones are back and what better time to celebrate a cozy color scheme than the Fall season.  Pairing lighter warm tones that compliment each other like Cut Me Some Flax from the Tongue in Chic and Coallino  from Abitare la Terra create a more open space, but still with a cozy vibe. Falling for Beige?  The Fleece color from our new Blendables collection is the perfect warm neutral.  Orange, yellow and brown are all classic warms tones.  Using Golden Slumber from the Haute Glass collection, allows your design to incorporate the colors of fall.  The process of mixing colors through a poured glass creates soft muted striations trough the mosaic in earthy warm hues.  A pattern like the Porto-guese Flor tile in Moorish Red offers a warm pop of color, that is still cheerful and bright.  Incorporating metals like the Sassy Brassy Liner as an accent adds simmering warmth.  Round out your space with natural textures such as woods or fall foliage to make your design warm and cozy.  What will you fall for? 

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