Oct 22, 2020 - Posted by Sydney - Views: 1099 post title

In this honey bronze age, warm tones are taking center stage.  Amber tones are coming in haute and we are falling for it! Pair Half Baked’s Whipped Cream porcelain bars withe Tongue in Chic’s Listing the Pros and the Bronze for a blend of elegance and modern sophistication.  Brighten up your design and create the illusion of light with a bright white like Origami’s Bianco. Bring warmth and texture to you space with the hand-crafted mosaics like the Veined Beige in the Nico and the Ivoor in Cape Town.  For a more subdued look incorporate a stone like the Pantera, using the smooth finish for a more transitional design and the tumbled for a farmhouse vibe. Accessorizing with sleek knobs and pulls adds a modern twist.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles to create your own sweet design.  

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