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Natural stone and earth tones top the list for interior designers and home renovators alike. They provide a timeless backdrop that never goes out of style. When choosing the right stone consider tile size. Larger field tiles like Suave Due’s 16” x 16” Pantera can help open a smaller space, while using a 4” x 16” field tile can make a larger space feel cozy. Features are also important to consider, do you prefer decorative tile like Crio’s Antique Pewter or geometric tiles like Origami’s Nero and Half Baked’s Whisk Me Away? Interested in something with more attention to detail? The brush strokes in Tongue In Chic’s Playing It Coal makes it one of a kind. If you’re looking for a more lived in look then the tumbled finish of Suave Due’s Pecora Nera is the perfect choice. Create an earthy appeal with our building blocks.

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