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Brown can be so blah but when styled right, can be inspiring, cozy, and super sleek. This earthly color evokes warm, dramatic, and enveloping qualities. Experiment with the color palette by combining an electric pop like Teal the Timer Rings or a softer shade of teal, like Oleastro.  You can’t go wrong with the durability in either of these porcelain tiles. The vibrance in these colors harmonize perfectly with warm taupes, like Taupe-less in St. Tropez and Whisk Me Away creating a luxurious, refined look. Silky hues of brown like Manganese from our Abitare La Terra Collection acts as a perfect base. Meanwhile, neutral glass mosaics like Peaceful Coexistence and Missed You in Bathe create a fine balance between traditional and modern styles. Create a subtle, earthy, and sophisticated feel with our AlysEdwards building blocks today. 

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