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Take in the ocean breeze and add a touch of the seaside to your next design. Whether you’re looking for texture, like the Nico Blue Monochromatic Mosaic, or a classic honeycomb but with a fresh spin on color like Will Shuck for Oysters, adding a palette of coastal blues can open a room and let ocean air in.  Ground your airy space with the neutral tones found in sand and driftwood by paring with Pebble Without a Cause.  Adding elements like garlands of stone beads, greenery found in real or faux succulents and distress wood bring in a since of nature. The Bubblicious circles add a look of refined sea glass while the soft texture in the Caledonio wall tile is reminiscent of a soft breeze across calm waters. With these building blocks you can have a look inspired by summer all year round.  Close your eyes and escape to the seaside with AlysEdwards.  

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