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Your bathroom deserves to be a haven of tranquility no matter the occasion. Colors have a fantastic effect on your mood. When it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, stick to complimentary colors, preferably neutrals.Create a bathroom where you can unwind and treat yourself. Who doesn’t love to be primped and pampered?! Accessorize with wood elements to create a spa-worthy atmosphere where you can enjoy a face mask or two. Handmade artisan tile like our Nico White Mosaic or Cape Town’s Ivoor evoke serenity, creating a soothing mood. Bathrooms can often seem sterile, bland, and lifeless. Mix and match unexpected textures, finishes, colors, and patterns to add life to your space. Incorporating pristine white tile like our Half Baked’s Whipped Cream Honeycombs helps light bounce around a room eliminating darkness. Longing for the ease of maintenance? Our porcelain planks from the Basic B Collection allow you to indulge in the rich look of wood without sacrificing durability. While you’re at it, add Abitare’s Bianco for a classic look with a contemporary twist. The possibilities are endless with our abundant building blocks, they’re perfect for taking care of your home and you.

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