May 02, 2019 - Posted by Elana - Views: 1716 post title

Take your next space from drab to fab when you have a think about blue with pink. What do we love about these two colors? Their versatility in design! Soft neutral tones like the Lichene from Abitare La Terra or the Ivoor in Cape Town add a sense of soothing. The technique in making the stained glass collection, Kiss My Big Fat Glass, create a calming effect as you can see the transition of tones in each color. Mixing the Cotton Candy Kisses, from our Half Baked Collection, can evoke a feeling of compassion and composure. Adding a white like You Don’t Snow Me from Tongue in Chic can bring in brightness. The fuse of colors work so well that in 2016 Pantone combined them for their first ever blend of 2 colors for the color of the year! So, now are you in sync with blue and pink?

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