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We are getting down to earth with a nature inspired mood board, showcasing building blocks of some of Earth’s greatest wonders. Close your eyes and let your senses create an organic spa-like atmosphere. Explore the imperfect edges of the Lynx Tumbled 4” x 12” or feel the different textures of the Atrium Linear Mosaic. The Three-Way Border from our Ménage et Trois Collection is a perfect blend of warm tones seen in nature, and the Clear Green from our Nico Mozaics Collection resembles a hint of moss found in luscious forests. Even the veining in the Elongated Hexagon mimics the majestic mountains it was found in, filling a room with awe and glamour. Celebrate our planet’s effortless beauty, today, and every day. Inspire, create, design something fabulous with it. 

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