Mar 25, 2019 - Posted by Elana - Views: 2070 post title

If you’ve gone cray cray for gray like Britney, then you’re in for a treat!  Our new porcelain collection, Basic B, is making a surprise appearance in our latest board and we love the slight hue of blue.  This petite wood-look is just one of our latest building blocks, making it a fabulous complement to many of our other products.  If you really want to keep it interesting, pair it with the limestones of the Cape Town collection for a modern bohemian vibe, or keep it hexy by using the Whipped Cream honeycombs from Half Baked.  Using colors like Genziana or Mirtillo from the Abitare La Terra collection bring in color that is both bold and blue-tiful.  Simple changes like swapping out old cabinet hardware or changing a backsplash can give your space a much needed facelift.  By mixing and matching different material, shapes, and colors you’ll be sure to create a look that’s anything but basic.  

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